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one day ash decided to leave all his pokemon behind and take alittle break

ash had been gone for a three months and his mom suggested that since he crossdresses alot why not just dress like a girl all the time

at first ash said no but his mom convinced also his mom came with him to pick out his new outfit

Ash: mom do I really have do to this

Mom: i already picked out your clothes and made you take off your old ones so yes

first ash put on  a pair of panties

Ash: wow theses are more comfortable than my boxers

then ash put on a bra which fit right on cause his mom put some cream on ashs nipples to make them bigger like breasts

Ash: wow this weirdly  comfortable

then ash put on the girliest pink dress his mom could find and then wore a three white skirts

Ash: man  this acually feels nice

once ash was dressed his mom came in

first delia painted ashs' nails purple

after that she made ash wear red lipstick , eyeliner and some blush

then delia didn't wanna pirece ash's ears just yet so she put clip on diamond earrings

after that ash put on blue bracelets on each arm and a ruby necklace

once ash's toe nails polish dried his mom put red hi heels which hurted ash's feet so delia put some frilly girly white socks on his feet to ease the pain

the delia straightened ash's hair so it would look longer and girlier

after that she put made him take off the dress so she he could wear a blouse and also dyed his hair blonde and put it into a pony tail with a pink ribbon and head band

just for fun delia put corset on ash

after that delia gave ash lung pills to make his voice girlier

then delia sparyed his hair with hairspray and gave ash a purse

finally after three hours ash was wearing all the girl clothing , jelwery and makeup and now had girly voice and breasts

Delia: wow there is no way you can tell your a boy

Ash: acually i think i'm a girl now, cause I have the clothes , voice and even the right acessories

Delia: but we have to use a cuter name like ashley

Ashley: okay but when do i get to do  be semi boy again

Delia: oh sweetie only time will tell

and so ashley never became a boy again after realizing that most of the stuff was permanent , but after 2 years she came back and told her pokemon about her transformation and they were all shocked espessically bayleef but she still liked ash the way she was

after that she took care of her pokemon at the lab with professor oak and had a crush on tracey who returned her feelings

eventually ashley became a pokemaster and married tracey and had two babies one a boy and girl named ash and ashley jr.

and ashley eventually made ash dress as a girl

the end

pokemon the transformation of clothing by ashketchum95

/ ©2010-2015 ashketchum95
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MarioDS01 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2010
Amazed somehow ash became a real girl then a cross dresser, at least it is a happy ending. A little weird that Ashley made her son Ash dress as a girl...
ashketchum95 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2010
well thats what delia did to her which cause her transformation
MarioDS01 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2010
I see... I guess what Delia used were some magical items or experimental items. Either way, Ash became a girl.
GameDemonKing Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2010
Well, at least it's a happy ending, but that's up to the reader.
ashketchum95 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2010
yeah your right
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September 9, 2010


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