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it has been a long time

ash was thinking

ash had been turned into a girl so many times

each time he was told he would be a girl forever

but each time he found a way to change back

ash realized that he liked being a woman but he wanted to remin the way he is

he loved wearing the girly clothes but liked boy clothes better

his mother knew about this because she saw her son putting on her clothes

ash was embarrased that his moms saw him in her clothes

ash got backed into his boy clothes

delia: I can't believe you were wearing my clothes

Ash: mom i just like being a woman these clothes fit me so good

Delia: ash i know that you wore girl clothes before but you can't just wear my clothes without my permission

Ash: fine i like my boy clothes better

Delia: stop there since you like beinga girl you stay a girl

Ash: mom are you serious

delia held some girl clothes

Delia: you said you like being a woman so for your punishment that is what you will be now i've already took your boy clothes and modified your room now take off your remaining boy clothes and get changed into your new life

Ash refused so delia got mr. mime to change ash

ash was wearing a orange bra , pink heels , longer hair which was dyed blonde , lipstick , nail polish, panties and a red dress and a pink skirt

Delia: there now we need to do something with your voice and get you some breasts

ash: man this should be fun

few weeks later erica arrived got ash a girls voice and breasts

Ash: mom i like wearing girl clothing but being a complete girl is just not fun

Delia: well this is your new life ashley

ash saw a maid outfit

Ashley: what is that for

Delia got ashley in it

Delia: there it fit's pefect on you

Ashley: why am i maid

Delia: this is your job

and so ashley was a maid

may was ash's girfriend

and so she helped out ashley

weeks later delia alouded ashley to be ash again

during those weeks he and may got a apartment

ash became ashley so she could be with may

even though ash was ashley

she and may still dated

they became maids together

ashley never was ash again

and she and may got togehter with dawn and they became three miads working together

ashley: i love you may and even if i never be a boy again i still be your girlfriend

May: i love you ashley too and if i'm a maid forver i still love you

Dawn: I love both you we are three maid girls dating

ashley , may and dawn were maids because the owner discovered ash was dressing as a girl so they became full time maids so they could stay

the end

pokemon ash to ashley by ashketchum95

/ ©2010-2015 ashketchum95
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Undertaker972 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2010
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Submitted on
September 19, 2010