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Submitted on
February 16, 2011


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Johnny and Girl: you two are insane

Johnny and Girl: trying to do this to me , hey! stop repeating me stop arggggggggg

Girl: oh sorry i'm programmed to  talk at the same time at you

Johnny : well we defiantly have to keep you away from mom an da where she

Jenny  goes upstairs

dukey: hey johnny theres this hot girl that kinda looks like you and what did i miss

All Three: a lot dog a lot

to be continued
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Although I wish the chapters were longer, I have to say Congratulations
You have captured the series so perfectly that I could picture it as I read it
Kind of interesting still. Not sure if they can hide the female Johnny clone forever. Curious to see more. If only I knew the series better, I could make this to a deeper fanfiction, but that would be stealing. But I do love the concept of a female clone of someone who is original female.

Also, I'm kind of curious of how the female Johnny clone acts. Is she is Tomboy or like an average girl? Or maybe she will be sort of like Sissy? I don't know, maybe I'm thinking to hard on this. Guess I like to make deeper stories...
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