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it was very boring day for johnny

dukey went to canda for a karate class

his parents also went to canada for a vacation

and they wouldn't be back for 6months

during that time

susan and mary were making dresses equipped with battle weapons

but the battle weapons exploded and the dresses were tooo small for them

so they didn't want them to go to waste

the girls snatched johnny

Susan: alright johnny mom and dad asked us to do something

mary dressed johnny into a bikini and fired a blast at johnny

johnny then had a girl body

Mary: the bodies good but now lets get the arms and legs

susan fired at johnny's arms and legs and they became girly

then they fired at johnnys mouth and he had girly voice

then they brushed his hair until became girly and made him put on lipstick

mary put johnny in some heels and susan got him into a dress

The Twins: yay we have a little sister

the twins got jenny in all the dresses and shoes

jenny was in a blue dress

susan got into a red dress while mary wore a green dress

also when the transformation was done jenny became 13 and had long red hair and glasses and susan and mary got rid of thier bows and replaced them with hair ties and jenny also tied her hair

dukey came back and became a human teenage red haired girl with a pink dress and hair tied also the four girls had heels on matching thier dresses and put on red lipstick

dukey was renamed daniel

when the parents came back they explained they did what they said and all they had do was turn dad into a girl

they did that and she became thier aunt

so the house only had girls

and when bling bling boy tried to make a move on susan he noticed that the house had 6 tied red hair females  with glasses and matching outfits and he left

to be continued....................

johnny test tg by ashketchum95

/ ©2010-2015 ashketchum95
Luigi1970Aizzo Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013

Donīt forget full stops!

Because... I always think thereīs something missing then.



GameDemonKing Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2010
oh well and that is that lol
Undertaker972 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2010
haha good one :)
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